"I have been taking Sueellen's classes for 11 years. I am healthier, fitter and stronger as a result. More than that I have never been bored in Sueellen's classes. A first I work very hard and somehow make it through the difficult plateau and come out the other side feeling GOOD and not tired or sore. I have never had an exercise backache even once after class. My only complaint is not having enough classes during the week. Sueellen should be bottled."

"Sueellen's classes allow everyone to participate and progress according to their own level and ability.  I originally joined the class following a knee injury so that I could rebuild flexibility and strength.  Eventually, I was able to keep up with most of the others in the class."

"I never would have lost that 40 pounds if it wasnt for Sueellen's classes. The music is always great and Sueellen is such a joy to see in the morning that it got me out of bed 4 days a week to exercise. Now I'm a life long aerobics addict."

"Sueellen is a gifted teacher and the best instructor I have ever had. I recommend her highly."

"Being able to exercise in the same class as my 21 year old daughter is the closest thing to being in heaven for me.  We spend an hour in the same room doing something we both want to do and not one second of bickering!"

 "I have been participating in Sueellen's exercise classes for four years. I have done various fitness programs from boot camps, martial arts, Zumba to yoga. But I find that Sueellen's classes provide the right amount of challenging workout without overexerting myself. Occasionally, I might have aches and pain from other activities but I find myself feeling rejuvenated after her class. I look forward to going to her classes because each class is never the same or boring; she changes the routine and  varies the pace with her cool music selection. My body is very being challenged so I don't think I have reach my workout plateau. One thing I really appreciate about Sueellen is her emphasis on moving and flexing properly to prevent injury. She also demonstrates modifications for some of her more challenging movements. I am very lucky to have found Sueellen and I will continue to attend her exercise classes for many more years to come."

"I love to be a part of Sueellen's  classes they are easy to follow, good for you and a whole lotta fun!!!"

"I have taken her classes through SF Park and Rec for the past five years.  She breaks down each sequence in a routine, gives additional tips for improvement, and offers modifications to participants from beginners to advanced to achieve the best workout. The variety of music played is energizing.  I strongly recommend taking any class taught by Sueellen!"

"I have taken Sueellenʼs class since Spring of 2011 and have enjoyed every minute. “Take the Lid Off” is a high energy, challenging, fun aerobic workout that keeps my heart rate pumping and gives me a complete exercise experience. I have to admit I am careful about who I take exercise classes from. I look for experience, dedication and consistency as well as an engaging personality who really enjoys their work. I find all of those qualities in Sueellen as a teacher. She has fine leadership abilities and actively works hard to improve the health and well being of all of her students no matter what fitness level they come from. Sueellen allows flexibility in her workout routines so that I am able to add weights and to use more (or less as the case may be) leg and arm movements. This enables me to individualize my experience and keeps me interested and looking forward to more. The floor work included in her Dance Conditioning classes is exceptional. I cannot recommend Sueellenʼs class enough. I am fortunate to be able to enroll in her workout program and to enjoy the benefits of her thoughtful exercise routines."

"I've been taking Sueellen's Dance Conditioning classes for years, and I walk out of each one amazed at how much conditioning she squeezes into an hour (not just arms doing something--arms doing something, legs doing something) and how much exercise I miss when I can't make it to a class. She is a born teacher. Sueellen has a deep knowledge of how the body works. In all the years I've been going to her classes, I have never --never!--been even overly sore from the hour, let alone thrown something out. I don't know why the whole city is not at the Harvey Milk Recreation Center on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I really don't. I have seen my classmates grow stronger, fitter in the class. They all seem to go all three days, not the two I do. My husband has joined the class.Truly, a gifted teacher. I will follow her to whatever establishment has the sense and the luck to employ her."

"I've been attending Sueellen's toning classes regularly for about four years.  She was very patient with my initial struggles and had lots of good advice on how to work effectively.  I am an active long-distance backpacker and her classes have greatly helped increase the core strength that makes carrying a heavy pack tolerable.  She's also been great on making me feel that my gender is not an insurmountable impediment to developing some rhythm."

"Great music, varied routines and when you finish a class you KNOW you've worked out!"

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