Considering a Group Fitness Class?

It is fact that people who exercise together in group fitness classes remain motivated longer than those who go it alone. This increased motivation leads to a higher success rate for improved cardiovascular health, improved body chemistry, increased strength and muscle mass, consistent weight control, improved psychological health and an overall improved quality of life. Three classes a week are offered in two different formats. You can take any number of classes!

LID OFF :  Low Impact Dance Oriented Fitness Fun 

Through long years of experience and participation, we have learned that aerobic exercise is really the best form of exercise for fitness. An aerobic exercise is one that requires the body to demand more than normal amounts of oxygen for a prolonged period of time. Aerobic dance is not the only kind of beneficial aerobic exercise, but it certainly is an excellent form of it. Aerobic dance has been described as choreographed jogging, or running to music, or exercising to rhythm, Unless you particularly enjoy a certain exercise, you will probably become bored in time, and lose interest. What you should be looking for is a form of aerobic exercise that you enjoy, that you can do for a lifetime. 

The class starts with warm up movements slowly progressing to a choreographed core routine consisting of a series of feet, leg and arm patterns. Students practice these movements repetitively and it is appreciated that as individuals each student has a different style or form. And, don’t let the word dance scare you. I often state in class that there is no wrong way to go as long as you keep on moving.

The classes consist of men and women of a diverse age range. The ages of students range from 18 to well into the 80’s. Age, shape and size do not matter because everyone is encouraged to exercise at their own pace. We all follow the same foot patterns at the same time. Students who want to increase the level of intensity are encouraged to make their movements bigger/more powerful by increasing the distance between their limbs. Those who want to decrease the intensity of the work out are encouraged to make the movements smaller by decreasing the distance between limbs. For example, the higher the arms the harder the heart has to work (to pump blood to the extremities) this you can control the level of an aerobic workout by lowering and raising your arms. This concept explains why people of all ages and ability can safely challenge themselves in a low impact aerobic class. Anyone can do aerobic dance. Heavy people, young people, and older people. Why? Because the whole experience is based on common sense. If you are very out of shape then you are going to keep your steps small, with little distance between the limbs as they move. Out of shape people cannot kick as high, or hold their arms up in the air as well as someone who is fit; but they can still do the routines. They can still begin to tone their muscles and they can begin to lose body fat. In fact, heavy people will probably lose weight faster than someone who is not overweight because they have more fat to burn. That is what aerobics does: it gets rid of excess fat in the metabolism and gives you more energy. This innovative workout is safe and exciting for beginners, yet challenging enough for pros. Best of all, it’s a good time-a work out you’ll look forward to.

Dance Conditioning

Strength training will improve your athletic performance  and build muscle that cannot be gained through aerobic  exercise. It is quite possible to be in superb aerobic  condition while losing important muscle mass. Always  combine aerobic training with strength work. There are  about 650 muscles in the body, but don't let this fact  discourage you-you only need to worry about twenty of  them. The focus of any good strength training program  should include exercises for each. The main emphasis of  your routine should be the major muscle groups; the chest,  back, shoulders, arms, legs and abdominals. There will be plenty of time to work all the minor muscles in your body  after you’ve established a base level of fitness and  conditioned the major groups. To keep your body in balance and to maintain good posture, and joint problems, and  minimize injuries, its always a good idea to exercise  opposing muscle groups equally. A good resistance program recognizes that the body is held in dynamic tension by  these opposing muscle groups. Exercises for the biceps  need to be offset by exercises with the triceps, the quadriceps with the hamstrings, and so forth. Like a  suspension bridge, the skeleton is held in dynamic  tension, but instead of steel cables it is suspended  between opposite sets of muscles. If one side is stronger  than another, the body's equilibrium is upset, and the  whole body feels the effect. If you work the chest  muscles, for example, but ignore the upper back, you will  end up with round shoulders or sagging posture. If you  have an inflexible and strong lower back by weak abdominals, your spine’s natural curvature will be  altered, and you will likely have a lifetime of back  problems. Sometimes the best thing you can do to improve your back is to work on your stomach! Or, if your chest  appears recessed and small, you may need to lift and  support it by working your middle and upper back. If you think of the analogy of a suspension bridge it all makes sense.

This class will help you achieve and sustain a  healthy body whether you are an expert or just starting  out.  Beginners work with lighter weights such as 2, 3, or 5 lb weights while performing the same exercises as more experienced students who might chose heavier  weights. Regardless of the level of strength you are at now, be prepared to  feel even stronger. Mats and weights available for use on a first come, first serve basis. Exercise enhances both body and soul. People on the  journey of fitness often consider aerobic activity to be a  form of relaxation. Resistance training on the other hand  gives many people a sense of empowerment and vitality.  Done together, these two forms of exercise can revitalize  you in surprising and powerful ways.

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